Dress for the job you want.


Dressing for the job you want in 2019.

New Business Casual is a platform for TEAM-BASED storytelling, RELATIONSHIP building and PERSONALITY praisING in the workplace.

Picture yourself at the office. What does it look like when you’re the most inspired? Productive? Collaborative? What contributes to that “flow state?” How do you show up?

As a team of organizational thinkers, change management ninjas, brand strategists, and positive psychology enthusiasts, we coach and facilitate conversations on how to build healthier and more sustainable work environments - starting with relationships.

Whether it’s better meeting design, team building in times of transition or articulating your personal brand at work, we share tangible tools and templates to help others in building better relationships to each other and to the work they do.

Starting as a hashtag (#NewBusinessCasual) in 2015, New Business Casual is now a movement dedicated to healthier and more sustainable work environments.

Contact us for information on coaching and collaboration.

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